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KMC Scrabble Tournament

Division U14 Round 4 Standings

PlayerLast GameNext Game
14–0+10981240Bilal Asher (U14-1)2W:571-300:U14-202nd vs. U14-2 @1
24–0+8261240Ahmed Salman (U14-2)2W:457-322:U14-31st vs. U14-1 @1
34–0+6281240Zayan Zaman (U14-12)2W:465-262:U14-81st vs. U14-20 @2
44–0+2601240Arshman Qazi (U14-10)1W:358-283:U14-252nd vs. U14-6 @3
54–0+1971240Shanzay Fazil (U14-16)1W:334-309:U14-191st vs. U14-3 @4
63–1+5741220Mohid Ayaz (U14-21)1W:576-35:U14-222nd vs. U14-25 @8
73–1+4051220Ibrahim Mansoor (U14-20)1L:300-571:U14-12nd vs. U14-12 @2
83–1+3521220Syed Maaz (U14-11)1W:402-394:U14-171st vs. U14-4 @5
93–1+3131220Muhammad Yadaan (U14-4)1W:404-391:U14-62nd vs. U14-11 @5
103–1+2291220Asher Manaal (U14-6)2L:391-404:U14-41st vs. U14-10 @3
113–1+2221220Saad Vohra (U14-9)1W:346-308:U14-281st vs. U14-18 @7
123–1+2171220Abdullah Noman (U14-30)2W:336-329:U14-51st vs. U14-17 @6
133–1+1801220Baasher Baig (U14-18)1W:332-326:U14-72nd vs. U14-9 @7
143–1+221220Arshman Amin (U14-15)2W:345-337:U14-261st vs. U14-23 @9
153–1+181220Laamia Khurram (U14-23)1W:258-236:U14-272nd vs. U14-15 @9
162–2+3321200Fawaz Ahmed (U14-17)2L:394-402:U14-112nd vs. U14-30 @6
172–2+2391200Naqvi Ayesha (U14-33)1W:527-141:U14-372nd vs. U14-22 @14
182–2+2111200Aehzam Siddiqui (U14-3)1L:322-457:U14-22nd vs. U14-16 @4
192–2+01200Mubashir Naseem (U14-25)2L:283-358:U14-101st vs. U14-21 @8
202–2−41200Ahmed Khan (U14-14)1W:196-166:U14-291st vs. U14-8 @12
212–2−541200Aimen Faisal (U14-5)1L:329-336:U14-302nd vs. U14-26 @10
222–2−1501200Aaizah Khan (U14-13)2W:204-143:U14-241st vs. U14-38 @15
232–2−2771200Ali Mansoor (U14-26)1L:337-345:U14-151st vs. U14-5 @10
241–3+561180Mahnoor Qaseem (U14-19)2L:309-334:U14-161st vs. U14-7 @11
251–3−291180Misha Muzammil (U14-7)2L:326-332:U14-182nd vs. U14-19 @11
261–3−991170Mikael Muzammil (U14-28)2L:308-346:U14-92nd vs. U14-27 @13
271–3−1051180Zainab Naqvi (U14-27)2L:236-258:U14-231st vs. U14-28 @13
281–3−1191180Mehre Hussain (U14-38)2W:300-278:U14-352nd vs. U14-13 @15
291–3−2381180Ali Taqi (U14-8)1L:262-465:U14-122nd vs. U14-14 @12
301–3−4231180Eshaal Nazim (U14-34)1W:421-338:U14-321st vs. U14-36 @18
311–3−4381190Muhammad Ehzam (U14-24)1L:143-204:U14-131st vs. U14-29 @16
321–3−6821180Nawaira Amin (U14-31)2W:96-56:U14-361st vs. U14-32 @19
331–3−6851180Hamza Hammad (U14-22)2L:35-576:U14-211st vs. U14-33 @14
340–4−3741160Umaimah Mukarram (U14-29)2L:166-196:U14-142nd vs. U14-24 @16
350–4−4251160Dawer Fazil (U14-35)1L:278-300:U14-382nd vs. U14-37 @17
360–4−7351160Rayyan Lodhi (U14-32)2L:338-421:U14-342nd vs. U14-31 @19
370–4−7591160Muhammad Anshaal (U14-36)1L:56-96:U14-312nd vs. U14-34 @18
380–4−7831160Talha Laiq (U14-37)2L:141-527:U14-331st vs. U14-35 @17

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