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KMC Scrabble Tournament

Division OPEN Round 2 Ranked Pairings

BoardWho Plays Whom
1Shehriyar Hassan (OPEN21) *first* vs. Tariq Pervez (OPEN9)
2Hammad Hadi (OPEN3) *first* vs. Ali Rashid (OPEN4)
3Foaad Sami (OPEN15) *first* vs. Akhtar Aziz (OPEN22)
4Rashid Khan (OPEN5) *first* vs. Absar Mustajab (OPEN8)
6Abdul Wahid (OPEN19) *first* vs. Nasir Mehmood (OPEN17)
7Hassan Arshad (OPEN11) *first* vs. Jawed Shamim (OPEN6)
8Hassan Hadi (OPEN2) *first* vs. Fahim Naqvi (OPEN13)
9Rameez Ahmed (OPEN18) *first* vs. Hassan Ali (OPEN16)
10Muhammad Inayatullah (OPEN7) *first* vs. Iftekhar Ahmed (OPEN20)
11Waseem Khatri (OPEN1) *first* vs. Waseem Baig (OPEN12)

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