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KMC Scrabble Tournament

Division OPEN High Wins

2606285Muhammad Inayatullah (OPEN7)Iftekhar Ahmed (OPEN20)
7598286Hassan Arshad (OPEN11)Akhtar Aziz (OPEN22)
2582320Rashid Khan (OPEN5)Absar Mustajab (OPEN8)
8568356Foaad Sami (OPEN15)Shehriyar Hassan (OPEN21)
5566244Abdul Wahid (OPEN19)Akhtar Aziz (OPEN22)
7559334Absar Mustajab (OPEN8)Shehriyar Hassan (OPEN21)
2535303Waseem Khatri (OPEN1)Waseem Baig (OPEN12)
8533377Hassan Arshad (OPEN11)Akhtar Aziz (OPEN22)
6531315Hassan Ali (OPEN16)Foaad Sami (OPEN15)
7513378Jawed Shamim (OPEN6)Abdul Wahid (OPEN19)
5511304Hassan Hadi (OPEN2)Absar Mustajab (OPEN8)
1509316Waseem Khatri (OPEN1)Foaad Sami (OPEN15)
8507331Hassan Hadi (OPEN2)Rameez Ahmed (OPEN18)
3499340Muhammad Inayatullah (OPEN7)Waseem Baig (OPEN12)
4497334Waseem Khatri (OPEN1)Rashid Khan (OPEN5)
1495399Hammad Hadi (OPEN3)Rameez Ahmed (OPEN18)
1495255Absar Mustajab (OPEN8)Akhtar Aziz (OPEN22)
6493373Rashid Khan (OPEN5)Jawed Shamim (OPEN6)
3490440Waseem Khatri (OPEN1)Absar Mustajab (OPEN8)
8490417Hammad Hadi (OPEN3)Rashid Khan (OPEN5)
4486382Hammad Hadi (OPEN3)Jawed Shamim (OPEN6)
5486382Waseem Baig (OPEN12)Shehriyar Hassan (OPEN21)
2476404Hammad Hadi (OPEN3)Ali Rashid (OPEN4)
7468417Hassan Hadi (OPEN2)Fahim Naqvi (OPEN13)
5468425Nasir Mehmood (OPEN17)Hassan Arshad (OPEN11)
8467407Waseem Baig (OPEN12)Jawed Shamim (OPEN6)
1466298Ali Rashid (OPEN4)Shehriyar Hassan (OPEN21)
1463440Rashid Khan (OPEN5)Tariq Pervez (OPEN9)
6463429Tariq Pervez (OPEN9)Iftekhar Ahmed (OPEN20)
8458357Muhammad Inayatullah (OPEN7)Iftekhar Ahmed (OPEN20)
4454299Waseem Baig (OPEN12)Akhtar Aziz (OPEN22)
2453339Foaad Sami (OPEN15)Akhtar Aziz (OPEN22)
6450338Ali Rashid (OPEN4)Hammad Hadi (OPEN3)
7449364Hammad Hadi (OPEN3)Rashid Khan (OPEN5)
3448293Foaad Sami (OPEN15)Nasir Mehmood (OPEN17)
4443378Hassan Ali (OPEN16)Nasir Mehmood (OPEN17)
5442304Waseem Khatri (OPEN1)Jawed Shamim (OPEN6)
5439385Ali Rashid (OPEN4)Foaad Sami (OPEN15)
1436383Jawed Shamim (OPEN6)Nasir Mehmood (OPEN17)
3436330Tariq Pervez (OPEN9)Hassan Hadi (OPEN2)
6435406Waseem Khatri (OPEN1)Muhammad Inayatullah (OPEN7)
4433288Abdul Wahid (OPEN19)Shehriyar Hassan (OPEN21)
1431430Hassan Hadi (OPEN2)Muhammad Inayatullah (OPEN7)
2431347Fahim Naqvi (OPEN13)Hassan Hadi (OPEN2)
2427358Jawed Shamim (OPEN6)Hassan Arshad (OPEN11)
7426406Waseem Khatri (OPEN1)Ali Rashid (OPEN4)
3426352Ali Rashid (OPEN4)Hassan Ali (OPEN16)
7422322Muhammad Inayatullah (OPEN7)Iftekhar Ahmed (OPEN20)
4422340Absar Mustajab (OPEN8)Hassan Arshad (OPEN11)
6419372Rameez Ahmed (OPEN18)Hassan Hadi (OPEN2)
7417350Tariq Pervez (OPEN9)Hassan Ali (OPEN16)
3417368Rameez Ahmed (OPEN18)Abdul Wahid (OPEN19)
6416359Waseem Baig (OPEN12)Nasir Mehmood (OPEN17)
4411362Muhammad Inayatullah (OPEN7)Fahim Naqvi (OPEN13)
2411293Tariq Pervez (OPEN9)Shehriyar Hassan (OPEN21)
5409377Hammad Hadi (OPEN3)Tariq Pervez (OPEN9)
3409360Jawed Shamim (OPEN6)Fahim Naqvi (OPEN13)
6405377Abdul Wahid (OPEN19)Hassan Arshad (OPEN11)
4403347Hassan Hadi (OPEN2)Foaad Sami (OPEN15)
5403343Rashid Khan (OPEN5)Muhammad Inayatullah (OPEN7)
3401392Rashid Khan (OPEN5)Hassan Arshad (OPEN11)
8401388Fahim Naqvi (OPEN13)Tariq Pervez (OPEN9)
2397347Nasir Mehmood (OPEN17)Abdul Wahid (OPEN19)
7397322Nasir Mehmood (OPEN17)Waseem Baig (OPEN12)
6396391Absar Mustajab (OPEN8)Fahim Naqvi (OPEN13)
1389365Hassan Arshad (OPEN11)Waseem Baig (OPEN12)
2386378Rameez Ahmed (OPEN18)Hassan Ali (OPEN16)
1384359Fahim Naqvi (OPEN13)Abdul Wahid (OPEN19)
5384370Iftekhar Ahmed (OPEN20)Hassan Ali (OPEN16)
4382318Ali Rashid (OPEN4)Tariq Pervez (OPEN9)
7376375Foaad Sami (OPEN15)Rameez Ahmed (OPEN18)
4372371Iftekhar Ahmed (OPEN20)Rameez Ahmed (OPEN18)
3371355Iftekhar Ahmed (OPEN20)Hammad Hadi (OPEN3)
3367294Shehriyar Hassan (OPEN21)Akhtar Aziz (OPEN22)
6348347Shehriyar Hassan (OPEN21)Akhtar Aziz (OPEN22)
5334284Fahim Naqvi (OPEN13)Rameez Ahmed (OPEN18)

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