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KMC Scrabble Tournament

Division OPEN Round 6 Alphabetic Pairings

BoardPlayer Opponent
4Iftekhar Ahmed (OPEN20) 1stTariq Pervez (OPEN9) 2nd
7Rameez Ahmed (OPEN18) 1stHassan Hadi (OPEN2) 2nd
5Hassan Ali (OPEN16) 1stFoaad Sami (OPEN15) 2nd
8Hassan Arshad (OPEN11) 1stAbdul Wahid (OPEN19) 2nd
10Akhtar Aziz (OPEN22) 2ndShehriyar Hassan (OPEN21) 1st repeat
9Waseem Baig (OPEN12) 2ndNasir Mehmood (OPEN17) 1st
2Hammad Hadi (OPEN3) 1stAli Rashid (OPEN4) 2nd repeat
7Hassan Hadi (OPEN2) 2ndRameez Ahmed (OPEN18) 1st
10Shehriyar Hassan (OPEN21) 1stAkhtar Aziz (OPEN22) 2nd repeat
BoardPlayer Opponent
1Muhammad Inayatullah (OPEN7) 1stWaseem Khatri (OPEN1) 2nd
3Rashid Khan (OPEN5) 1stJawed Shamim (OPEN6) 2nd
1Waseem Khatri (OPEN1) 2ndMuhammad Inayatullah (OPEN7) 1st
9Nasir Mehmood (OPEN17) 1stWaseem Baig (OPEN12) 2nd
6Absar Mustajab (OPEN8) 1stFahim Naqvi (OPEN13) 2nd
6Fahim Naqvi (OPEN13) 2ndAbsar Mustajab (OPEN8) 1st
4Tariq Pervez (OPEN9) 2ndIftekhar Ahmed (OPEN20) 1st
2Ali Rashid (OPEN4) 2ndHammad Hadi (OPEN3) 1st repeat
5Foaad Sami (OPEN15) 2ndHassan Ali (OPEN16) 1st
BoardPlayer Opponent
3Jawed Shamim (OPEN6) 2ndRashid Khan (OPEN5) 1st
8Abdul Wahid (OPEN19) 2ndHassan Arshad (OPEN11) 1st

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